115+ Years. 1,000+ Employees. A Family of Brands.

Interbake Foods LLC is a baked goods manufacturer with over 115 years of business experience, over 1,000 employees across four locations, and is proud to be one of the largest North American bakers in our industry.


Weston Foods is a leading provider of fresh and frozen baked products, and our objective is to offer the best quality foods to all North Americans. In an increasingly competitive environment, Weston Foods relies on nothing less than their excellent track record. Weston Foods has the esteemed history, the brands and the loyal customers and employees to show for it.

Operations include more than 50 locations across Canada and the United States, with over 5,000 employees in various bakeries, distribution centers and corporate environments with products that span from breads, rolls, bagels and tortillas to donuts, cakes, pies and cookies. Key brands include: Wonder, D’Italiano, Country Harvest, Ready Bake Foods, ACE Bakeries, All But Gluten and Mrs. Fields cookies. 

Weston Foods is a leading North American baking company that actively participates across categories by introducing innovative products and maintaining its highly effective cost management culture.