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Category Colonels 2013

Interbake Foods Retail Private Brands division is a market leading supplier of private brand cookies. With a focus on customer responsiveness, quality, and innovation Interbake has long been recognized in the industry for its leadership. Most recently, Interbake Foods was recognized by PL Buyer with a Silver 2013 Category Colonel Award.

Our retail private brand cookie offerings allow for a full range of category solutions across multiple products.  Interbake also offers control labels for smaller businesses who do not offer their own private brands.

From chocolate enrobing to wirecuts to sandwich crèmes, Interbake can deliver a full range of solutions for the Value, National brand, Premium and Differentiated segments. Interbake also offers a seasonal program to help drive in store differentiation during a critical merchandising period. Interbake Foods is also the exclusive manufacture of “Trolley Cakes” otherwise known as Devils Food cookies. This one of a kind platform allows retailers to deliver permissible indulgence with a great tasting and unique fat free cookie.


Below is a sampling of our baked products:

Fudge Striped Shortbread: delicious shortbread cookies with a layer of fudge on the bottom and stripes on the top.





Devil’s Food Cookies: yummy, soft, chocolate cookies coated with marshmallow and chocolate coatings.




Fudge Grahams: crispy graham cracker cookies enrobed with delicious chocolate coating.




Fruit Centers: Two delicate shortbread cookies sandwiched with vanilla-flavored icing, toped in the center with a fruit filling.





Premium Chocolate Chip: High quality wire-cut chocolate chip cookies as good as the ones you bake at home.






SAILOR BOY PILOT BREAD Interbake Foods is also the proud supplier of one-and-only Sailor Boy Pilot Bread. This specialty cracker is well-known in the Northwest United States and Alaska as the favorite “bread” in the bush country of Alaska. Interested in learning more? Please visit the Sailor Boy facebook page. Interested in purchasing Sailor Boy Pilot Bread crackers? Winco stores carry the Sailor Boy Pilot Bread in bulk bins in their stores in California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington State. Span Alaska Sales, located in Monroe, Washington, is a stocking wholesale distributor who specializes in the direct shipment of grocery items. They offer Sailor Boy Pilot Bread and Sailor Boy Yukon Bulk Pilot Bread and will take orders via toll free number 1.800.367.9833.  Follow us on Facebook






Contact us for more information on how Interbake can help drive your Private Brand success.

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