From premium to national brand equivalent cookies. Wire cuts to fudge enrobed, caramel drizzle to raspberry filling, you'll always eat well with us.


Responsiveness, Quality, Innovation

Interbake Foods Retail Private Brands division is a market leading supplier of private brand cookies. Our retail private brand baked good offerings allow for a full range of category solutions across multiple products.  Interbake also offers control label Oven Baked for smaller businesses who do not offer their own private brands. 

We offer three tiers of products to our retail customers: Premium, National Brand Equivalent, and Value.



Our premium cookie line is made with the highest quality ingredients, including delectable wirecuts, indulgent fruit crèmes, and rich fudge-enrobed cookies.

National Brand Equivalent

Our quality national brand equivalents and experiences range from wirecuts to shortbreads and other specialty cookies as well as crackers. It's a fact: our products are equal to or better than the retail National Brand in quality, taste, texture and appearance.



Attractively priced, our value line offers a wide range of delicious wirecuts, rotary, and enrobed cookies, including grahams and mallows, for the price-conscious consumer.