Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are bakers.

Our passion is delivering high quality baked goods at competitive prices.

Owned by George Weston Limited and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, we benefit from the scale and collective expertise of Weston Foods and the broader GWL enterprise, while embracing nimbleness and a small business spirit. Our dedication to product and packaging innovation and our industry leading bakeries contribute to our number one goal: to exceed customer expectations and provide worry-free service every day.

We call ourselves the Biscuit Division of Weston Foods, and we are proud to serve four distinct business segments: Retail Private Brands, Girl Scout Cookies through our ABC Bakers Division, Dairy, and Food Service.  

Interbake Foods delivers premium baked goods that rival the national brands and are uniquely differentiated in the marketplace. Our service levels consistently exceed 99% for delivering damage-free products, on time. 


Let us help you Deliver Best-in-Class products. 

Are you hoping to accelerate your sales? Let us put our passion into practice and deliver a total baked goods program for you today.

Contact us at 1-800-221-1002 or email for more information on our product and service offerings.


Our superior cookies include wirecut, sandwich crème, rotary molded, and enrobed. We also specialize in crackers, sheeted dough production, cones, and wafers for ice cream sandwiches and other novelties. 

Research & development

Our Innovation Center includes a state-of-the-art pilot oven, a test kitchen and lab, and spacious meeting and training rooms, all supported by a team of skilled professionals. 


process control

Interbake utilizes a totally Integrated Process Management system that monitors and helps manage every phase of the production process, ensuring consistency of product from end to end.